Sunday, December 31, 2006

Introducing 'Drifters' : about the show

The Drifters’ will temporary anchor in Artist Center Ador House, K Dubash Marg, Mumbai between the 8th-14th Jan 2007. The show presents three young, talented, brave practitioners of painting who have worked on the fringes of art institutions to evolve personalized expressions which are intimate, sensitive and yet (sometimes) political. The artist were near contemporaries at the Faculty of Fine arts, MS University of Baroda, and have over the years have grown to appreciate and support each other’s artistic practice….it was only natural that they would Drift and anchor together. Ruchin Soni alias Hiralal, Nidhi Khurana alias Champa and Aditi Chitre are painters who’s enthrall, captivate and enchant by being able to generate intuitive poetry while expressing their personal mythologies/journeys and anxieties…and needless to say they are the ‘Drifters’.
this is a small modest attempt at presenting three young artists, through an independent curation. initially it was tempting to approach a few galleries and go for a (gala) sponsored show...but somehow it was not in sync with how we wanted to present ourselves. as an practicing critic i have been engaged with the possibility of imagining 'new platforms' for artists...and in a sense 'the drifters' has become an extension of that quest. Curatorially it is an experiment around the possibility of presenting/showcasing artists by working on the edges of an increasingly standardised exhibition concept.
at the end nothing drastically new is happening, yet three new artists are being launched who being on the fringes of the discipline always shared a visibility crisis. making a choice to introduce the Drifters in Mumbai in this manner is the curatorial input...also an urge to see what happens to an art show if it presented 'low budget' small scale'...and a bit of imagination.

Please click on the folowing links...hope you manage to catch the show...and hope you like it.

-Nidhi Khurana alias Champa

-Aditi Chitre

-Ruchin Soni alias Heera

-Price List

-Photo Gallery


Rahul Bhattacharya

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